Specialize an Inch Wide and Drill Miles Deep to Make Real Money in Coaching

Specialize an Inch Wide and Drill Miles Deep to Make Real Money in Coaching

A lot of people are under the impression that if you want to be a successful coach, you just need to talk well. That’s right. You basically just need to have a nice speaking voice, and you must have the right facial expressions. You have to make the right gestures at the right time with the right people to produce the right results.

A lot of this does seem to make sense. After all, a lot of it is signaling. A lot of it is really all about interpersonal communication and sending out the right message and making sure that you get the message across.

All that is very easy to understand, but the problem is there are many concepts in this world that are easy to understand but hard to implement. This is one of those.

Let me tell you no matter how convinced you are that you are some sort of super genius expert in any area of expertise, that doesn’t automatically translate that you will make real money in online coaching, not in a million years.

A lot of things have to happen between point A and point B for you to achieve the kind of success you’re looking for. I know this is the kind of thing you probably didn’t want to hear. I know too many people this is depressing. I know that to a lot of people, this is discouraging.

Unfortunately, this is also the cold, hard truth. The sooner you wrap your mind around this and the sooner you make peace with this information, the sooner you will actually position yourself for success.

Don’t waste another moment. Wrap your mind around what I’m saying. Focus on specialization. This is the key. You cannot be a jack-of-all-trades. You cannot be everybody’s best friend. Focus on what you know and knock it out of the park.

It’s not rocket science because if you truly know your stuff and you are able to produce results in the lives of people who seek you out for hard answers, you stand out. You’re not that random person spouting out theory and anecdotal garbage. There’s too much of that. People couldn’t care less about that. People are not going to pay real money for that kind of “expertise”.

Become the real deal. How do you do this? Very simple. Specialize in body of knowledge that is an inch wide and drill miles deep. Know everything about it. Know it like the back of your hand.

If you are able to communicate this in clear terms and, most importantly, you are able to deliver results in the lives of people looking for answers within your area of expertise, you become a hero. How come?

Very few people who are trying to achieve success in online coaching don’t even bother to do that. They just focus on hype. They just focus on cheap brands. They just focus on the right connections and other shenanigans. They refuse to do the heavy lifting.

You, on the other hand, do the heavy lifting and the heavy communication. That is what makes the difference. Of course, there are many other moving parts.

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