Social Media is Indispensable for Coaching Business Success

Social Media is Indispensable for Coaching Business Success

A lot of people who run businesses are under the impression that there is a dividing wall between offline and online businesses. They can understand the value of online promotions provided that these promotions go to an online business.

They can see the effect of promotions on businesses like However, they are flat-out stumped when it comes to the connection between online promotions and purely local brick-and-mortar businesses.

Make no mistake regardless of whether your business is completely online, offline or somewhere in between, you need social media. I did not say that social media is an option. I did not to say that you want social media. I did not say that social media would be nice to have.

I’m talking about you needing social media. That’s right. Your business must view social media as an absolute necessity.

Make no mistake. It is in dispensable for the success of your online coaching business. The sooner you realize this and the sooner you can wrap your mind around this, the sooner you will get on the road to eventual success.

Just how powerful can social media exposure be? What exactly does social media popularity offer your personal coaching brand? Well, it’s a good idea to review just how viral social media is.

Believe it or not, even if you have a fairly small following-maybe less than 500 souls follow you on Twitter-this might be enough for your brand to go viral. How come? For each follower you attract, they will also have followers. Those followers also have followers. So on and so forth.

If any of your content happens to catch the attention of your followers, they might share your stuff. Their followers can in turn share your materials to their circle of followers who in turn might repeat the process.

I hope you see the process here. This process of sharing and resharing among circles of influence and familiarity can easily become exponential. That initial sharing circle of 500 you started with might translate to a reach of millions. Again, it all depends on just how catchy the content you’re sharing is.

On the other hand, if you continue to kick the can down the road and continue to postpone truly responsive and strategic social media plan, then you are probably positioning your business for its eventual collapse and failure. I’m not exaggerating here. I’ve seen this happen quite a bit.

A lot of businesses think that they’ve done so well and have established such a solid brand that they can basically view social media as an afterthought. Unfortunately, the majority of people who think this way have come to regret their decision.

It’s extremely important to use social media and this means simply being visible. That’s right. Create a YouTube channel. Set up a Twitter feed. Put up a Facebook page with matching group.

This is not rocket science. As long as the messages that you send on all those platforms are consistent with the messages that you send on your online coaching business website, you are playing the game the right way.

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